The annual festival in Kaplice last weekend met with a surprisingly high turnout, compared to other years. According to Pavel Talíř, the Mayor of Kaplice, that may as well be caused by the choice of an attractive theme. This year’s festival was dedicated to harvest home. In combination with the beautiful weather, the event was extremely successful. “The theme of harvest home, which we have chosen for this year, is a return to local traditions. I think that the fact that we are in a relatively large agricultural area, makes this topic more than appropriate. I am pleased with the positive reactions from people, and also with their high number. The interest was great,” the Mayor explained. With the theme of harvest festival was also associated an exhibition of old farming machinery, tractors and agricultural machines, and also horse carts. It was an attraction for participants of all ages. You will not see such a display very often. “We appreciate the cooperation with Mr. Kučera, a local farmer, who contributed significantly to the promotion of the festival. He, for example, provided a bull that was roasted,” the Deputy Mayor Libor Lukš added. The festivities in Kaplice had very good attendance in competition with two other major cultural events, which were held in South Bohemia at the time. “The theme of harvest home was interesting for the people here. For the next year, we might preserve some of the elements, even though the overall theme will probably be different. We definitely enriched the culture in our town by another nice feature, which highlights what is important in our region,” says the organizer of Kaplice festivities, Director of the Cultural and Information Centre in Kaplice Stanislav Trs. He added that it was gratifying that even the partnership agreement between Kaplice and Austrian Freistadt got a new dimension, as Austrian and Czech ensembles performed together at the festivities. But cooperation also takes place between the police and other security and protection forces. “Austrian friends welcomed the action. I feel positively about their approach and I am glad that we have started a new form of cross-border cooperation,” the Mayor Pavel Talíř appreciates the visit from the Austrian town of Freistadt. Deputy Mayor of Freistadt, Elisabeth Paruta-Teufer with entourage, also arrived in Kaplice. Folklore association Doudleban performed a harvest dance, and the harvest wreath was handed over, which was also swapped with the Austrian party for the harvest crown. This procedure took place for the first time in the history of Kaplice festivities. “It is a challenge. It occurred to us that we could start a tradition for future years and maybe enrich this idea a little bit in the years to come,” Deputy Mayor of Kaplice Libor Lukš said.

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