In early July, a meeting of representatives of the Austrian and Czech parties that are getting ready for cooperation on new projects, which are meant to revive tourism in the southeastern border area and highlight the traditions of this region. The Czech party was represented at the meeting by the chairman of the Novohradsko-Doudlebsko regions association and also the Mayor of Kaplice Pavel Talíř, the Mayor of Nové Hrady Vladimír Hokr and the association’s manager Michal Jarolímek, the Austrian party by Windhaag Mayor Erich Traxler with representatives of the Association Tourismusverband Mühlviertler Kernland. The deadline for a draft of common strategy was set up on 22 July. “We want to restore the tourist trail with the theme of crafts on the river,” Pavel Talíř states the initial intention. However, it is supposed to be a beginning of a long collaboration, which should help the whole area of the southeastern tip of South Bohemia. A new destination company Novohradsko-Doudlebsko regions has already launched there. The construction of a bridge for cyclists between the villages Vidov and Plav could be the culmination of the cooperation. The project for the construction work is done and ready. “Two similar meetings already took place in Austria about two months ago, and we held our first meeting in our area in July,” Mr Talíř says, and he adds that the activities of this cooperation should be financed by the European Union through the Austrian party, more specifically from the Danube-Vltava Euroregion Fund. Michal Jarolímek, the manager of the destination company Novohradsko-Doudlebsko regions and Nové Hrady councilman, said that “the project must be submitted by the end of September, will be implemented from 2017 and will last three years.“ The original intention considered last year was a cooperation of the town of Nové Hrady with Tourismusverband Mühlviertler Kernland, or Breen Belt Center and the South Bohemia’s Tourism Board respectively. However, the Austrian party was interested in an extension of the area and therefore the Union of towns and villages of Pomalší region joined the municipalities of the Association of the Roses. This meant a significant territorial expansion. “I see this as a positive,” Michal Jarolímek says. On the Austrian side, the funds will be drawn by Tourismusverband Mühlviertler Kernland, and there will be three entities on the Czech side: the town of Nové Hrady, the Association of the Roses, and the Union of towns and villages of Pomalší region. Novohradsko-Doudlebsko regions association would like to implement the project as a supplier of services, but it is still a matter of further actions and competitions. The association, however, will also participate in communication of the joint project.



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