I have met a friend of mine recently, who is an avid visitor of Šumava. He was surprised how widespread tourism has become in this popular destination. For him, Šumava and Lipensko have lost their charm due to the huge influx of tourists. According to him, it is no longer possible to find peace and quiet there, and everything tends to adrenaline entertainment. I agree with him, but I do not see a major problem it this. Šumava and its immediate surroundings simply meet the demand. It occurred to me in this context, that it is a kind of confirmation of the right vision of creating alternatives to the development of tourism in the area. Southeast corner of our region in Novohradsko offers virginal pure nature and a different form of relaxation than the places in crowded tourist areas. I am personally glad that I can live and work here, because I am at home here. In “our” South Bohemia we support the so-called soft tourism with several logistics centers with a wide range of services and the quiet, natural area with many attractive tourist destinations for one-day trips. Just sit on your bike and explore the region or simply walk around this pure green nature.

Pavel Talíř, Kaplice mayor, a candidate for Governor of South Bohemia for KDU-CSL



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