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Kostel Jílovice 2006
Promote the territory in the southeast border area of Novohradské mountains and Doudlebsko region. That is the goal of a new destination company, which originated from the initiative of South Bohemia’s Tourism Board, and in whose development actively participated already functioning associations, communities and entrepreneurs in the area. Registered through legal form, the association is called Novohradsko-Doudlebsko regions and it was officially established after a year-long preparation. On Tuesday, February 9th, a General Meeting was held, first members entered the association, and its executive committee was elected. At the regular meeting, the Mayor of Kaplice Pavel Talíř was elected the Chairman of the executive committee, and the Deputy Mayor of Trhové Sviny Věra Korčáková was elected the Vice-President. In charge of organizational matters and practical functioning of the association is the product manager, who came from a tender which took place at the end of last year. Michal Jarolímek, who has experience with w www.rting.orgorking in micro associations in Novohradsko region, came into the aformentioned office.

“The first step, and our mission for the first year of operation, will be to stabilize the organization, invite members, establish executive bodies and ensure its full operation,” Michal Jarolímek says and adds: “I think it will be necessary to establish a team of experts who will work with the manager to consult individual steps and whose members will contribute their own professional knowledge. “

The association’s goal for this year is clear: Find strong themes that define the territory and, in relation to that, their mode of communication and promotion. “We want to promote our country on the level of so-called soft tourism in the competition with the neighbouring areas, which can be described as more adventurous. These are Lipno, Český Krumlov, České Budějovice and Třeboň,” said about the association’s plans its chairman and also Mayor of Kaplice Pavel Talíř, who had previously also been the Chairman of the Preparatory Committee.

Paseky – viklany a lavička s cestou (2013), foto Bc. Michal Jarolímek ml.

Paseky – viklany a lavička s cestou (2013), foto Bc. Michal Jarolímek ml.

The target group for the area of Novohradsko and Doudlebsko regions are active hikers and families who love the nature clean and the environment safe, and enjoy walking or cycling. “We want to support local guest houses and other accommodation facilities as well as the tourist offer and infrastructure of each of the participating municipalities,” Jarolímek adds. According to the association’s regulations, its members may be both individuals and organizations. Practically, these will be micro-regions and entrepreneurs operating in the area.

This project is not the destination company’s isolated activity. It is a synchronized procedure of the management of South Bohemia and South Bohemia’s Tourism Board in particular. It supports the emergence of destination companies or associations by the essential investment to the product manager service. Based on the specific associacion’s regulations, the members of the association contribute to the budget with their membership fees. The plan is to establish eight to nine identically oriented entities in the entire region.

Destination company management:
Mgr. Pavel Talíř – Chairman
Mgr. Věra Korčáková – Vice President

Elected members of the nine-member Executive Committee at the Association’s General Meeting (Trhové Sviny, 9. 2. 2016):
Mgr. Pavel Talíř, Jaroslav Bartizal, Radek Kocanda, Jaroslav Zeman, David Stibor, Václav Cvach, Mgr. Vladimir Hokr, Mgr. Věra Korčáková, Magdalena Hluštíková

Product manager, winner of the public tender:
Michal Jarolímek

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